File:Weegee Stare.png
The Weegee Stare refers to two things.

Weegee Edit

The Weegee Stare when done by Weegee can either turn someone into a Weegee or make them explode/die. Weegee is forever giving The Weegee Stare. Most likely, other Weegee's can give The Weegee Stare, but not as powerful as Weegee.

Everyone Else Edit

The Weegee Stare can be performed by humans and possibly animals, also. This has different affects, though. It causes discomfort and can sometimes make people do things. It is far less powerful than Weegee's Weegee Stare, though.

Steps Edit

1. Squint your eyes slightly. You can also widen them as far as possible.

2. The rest of your face should be blank.

3. Now stare at the person. Each time s/he blinks, get closer.

4. Do this until you are touching face. If nothing happens. say something random and run.