Malleo is Weegee's Brother and Is in His Shadow


NaW w Malleo U: Basisaly ISt"s NUU SOUPER WEEGEE BRAWS U's Butt NPO WEEGEE! And There Nabutt Blah Frog And Mellow Frog An Of CAOUeRse .. MALLEO!

Malleo's Butt!Shaiyon: It's SCAREDeyCatT

Weegee alS MLiwassimg: MISIING WEEGEE!

Malleo's Butty!Shine; Black RaMona!: SCATEYEYRYm Butt EoCfesser BoCgadd

Malleo and Taels 2018 Icey Olimpycs: <3 Malleo and Taels 2018

(for fun: I hope 2018 is year of Mario)

Weegee and Malleo rEal JamMey: noEw With Paper Malleo And pAper WEEGEE

For We You Nannytendo made it and the game and Malleo = B, Weegee = A, Luigi = Y, and Mario = X Hates Taels And Loves Weegee!

IMG 1660